Planning applications

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 153.

S/3854/19/OL Longstanton Station Road – outline for 106 dwellings next to Busway

Our recommended design for the access onto Station Road.

We continue to maintain our objection to the design of the cycleways around this proposed development in Longstanton. We find the responses from the applicant’s agent (EAS transport consultants) outrageous. EAS have argued that the design of cycle crossing above, which follows guidance from LTN 1/20 ‘would remove much of the development at the site frontage [and] is inappropriate for the size of development’. Our latest response makes clear that if they leave the county with an unconnected and useless cycle route, they are failing to uphold their responsibility. Everyone understands that it is completely unacceptable to build a road that is missing a central portion; a safe and fully accessible cycling connection between the sections of pathway north and south of the site is essential.

We also challenge the claim that the addition of chicane barriers would remove the need for appropriate visibility splays onto the Busway path. It is completely unacceptable for the applicant to install any barriers that will impede access for disabled cyclists and doing so would be a violation of the Equality Act of 2010 S.20. It is abundantly clear in both cases that the applicant is making excuses to avoid taking any care in the design of their cycling infrastructure. We will maintain our objection until they upload revised plans.

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21/03955/FUL Sawston – land south of Babraham Road

We objected to this application under Local Plan policies HQ/1, TI/2 and TI/3 and Local Transport Note (LTN) 1/20. We want to see a design for the access point that protects the priority and safety of the existing Babraham Road cycleway and high-quality cycle access via Stanley Webb Close and Plantation Road to local centres, including the nearby school.

There is also a lack of detail on cycle parking provision: the applicants must provide reasonably-sized passageways and doors for access and ensure that cycle parking sheds or garages are sufficiently sized to hold the required number of cycles.

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