The most chic form of cycling is an everyday style that works for all

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 151.

Image as described adjacentI don’t know about you, but when I think about everyday cycling, it’s far from elegant. Before getting on my bike each morning, I’ve rounded up children, pulled on (yesterday’s) clothes, and made sure I don’t have toast stuck to my hair before pedalling the school run. On arrival, I look just like my contemporaries: our casual, just-about-made-it cycling style is clearly identifiable – if not very sophisticated.

That said, there’s plenty of snazzy elegance around. In this edition of the Camcycle magazine, we hear from two local mums who peddle (and pedal) vintage fashion. We also feature the Cambridge Diary photographer whose images of our region’s everyday beauty are enjoyed by more than 60,000 followers. One of our members shares tips for cycling accessories which will enhance your riding experience when you’re loaded down, and a local cycling group celebrates 100 years with a look through its photographic archives.

In the last year, cycling itself has become more fashionable across the UK – 2020 saw the highest level of mileage by bike since the 1960s – and we are seeing a range of initiatives which support it. Cambridgeshire’s new School Streets are helping to popularise active travel, enthusiasm grows by the day for the Chisholm Trail, and our Zero Carbon Streets campaign (which aims to empower more local groups to achieve walking and cycling improvements in their neighbourhoods) has engaged people who want to tackle transport carbon emissions from Milton to St Ives.

The current trend towards healthy forms of travel looks as though it will find favour with our newly-elected councillors, too. The environment, sustainability and the climate emergency feature first in the new Cambridgeshire County Council’s Joint Administration agreement, and the new leadership has committed to encouraging sustainable travel and securing safe routes for people walking and cycling. We will need to support our decision-makers to ensure that the region evolves in a way that enhances the environment, improves people’s lives and makes everyday cycling a comfortable choice for everyone.

Rosie Humphrey, Camcycle editor