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This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 151.

Camcycle on YouTube

Screenshot of Simon Nuttall's film Cambridge: Cycling in the City

We regularly post new videos on our YouTube channel and are uploading some of our archive content there as well.

We highly recommend watching Simon Nuttall’s excellent film ‘Cambridge: Cycling in the City’ from 2007 to see what had been achieved after 12 years of campaigning and what has changed since then. Could you help us produce an updated version?

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News from the potholed streets

Screenshot of Camcycle's Executive Director Roxanne De Beaux on ITV news

ITV News invited us to talk about potholes and our Executive Director Roxanne De Beaux spoke about the dangers caused to people walking and cycling by badly maintained roads, cycleways and pavements. It’s not just the potholes themselves which are the issue, but the need to avoid them on streets where cars are already passing cyclists too closely.

Cows on the commons

Images of cows gathering round a bicycle on Midsummer Common (image: Kiu Li)

The cows have returned to the commons again and seem to be joining in the campaign against cycle theft! This picture from Camcycle member Kiu was one of our most popular on Instagram in recent months (only Chisholm Trail photos received more likes!)

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