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This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 149.

Success at Cambridge station inspires groups around the UK

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When members of the city council’s planning committee voted five to two to reject proposals for offices, an aparthotel and a multi-storey car park in the area between Station Square and Devonshire Road, many of their reasons for refusal were familiar from previous meetings. Safety for cyclists and pedestrians and the size of one of the buildings were still of concern.
However, the addition of the fact that the proposal was contrary to Local Transport Note 1/20 drew much interest from campaign groups across the UK. Campaigners and councillors in Cambridge were well-informed about the new guidance – and they knew how to use it. Will this set the standard for other decisions until the new Active Travel England inspectorate is formed?

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Cycling UK adopt Camcycle’s Highway Code suggestion

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In the autumn issue of our magazine, Camcycle trustee Matthew Danish explained why Highway Code Rule 66 needed to change to protect side-by-side cycling. Our calls for change were heeded and taken up by Cycling UK who raised this issue at a parliamentary webinar on the Highway Code review using our own photo of a family in Ditton Walk. When British Cycling also got on board with the suggestion, their comments on protecting families made national news. A great result for inclusive cycling!

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Local authorities agree to make roundabouts safer

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The Dutch roundabout at Fendon Road might be grabbing the headlines, but Camcycle is currently celebrating a change of direction at two other junctions in the county. Plans for the roundabout at Coldham’s Lane and Barnwell Road are on hold until more funding is found to make the roundabout fully segregated for people walking and cycling. Meanwhile, county councillors approved the addition of a new signalised Pegasus crossing at Lancaster Way near Ely following a strong local campaign.

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Cycle theft hits the headlines and police secure arrests

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With cycle theft rising in Cambridgeshire (and estimated to cost victims more than £1.5million per year), we joined Omar Terywall from the Stolen Bikes in Cambridge Facebook group on the front page of the Cambridge Independent to raise awareness of the issue. Together with the help of many local people (often victims themselves) the campaign is beginning to work: Cambridgeshire Police have announced several arrests of cycle thieves in recent weeks.

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