Thank you to new supporter Teasels Design

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 149.

Teasels Biodiverse Design logoCamcycle is delighted to welcome Teasels Design to our local business partners programme.

Teasels Biodiverse Design and Consultancy is a bespoke garden and landscape design practice with a passion for creating gardens and landscapes that combine strong horticultural and ecological practices with functional design.

Daniel Lee, Teasels designLead Designer and owner of Teasels Design, Daniel Lee, is a life-long Cambridge resident who regularly cycles. He says: ‘I am truly grateful for the tireless work Camcycle has undertaken over the last 25 years, so it was a natural decision for me to support them in their work. I instinctively wanted to become a partner of Camcycle because fundamentally they share my values. Camcycle is campaigning and working very hard to create a healthy and sustainable city for cyclists, and through our biodiverse garden design service, we are trying to achieve the same goals for our clients.’

Daniel has also offered to help Camcycle develop its cycling policies that deal with biodiversity issues.

We welcome Teasels Design and thank them for supporting Camcycle.

Garden designs from Teasels, Camcycle supporters