Why I Cycle

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 148.

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I’ve been mad about cycling from a young age. Growing up in Haverhill, I used to watch my father cycle off with a neighbour and that got me hooked, sending me up around the Camps (Castle Camps, Shudy Camps and Camps End) over the summer holidays.

Moving to Cambridge – Bike Central – 10 years ago was a dream come true. I cycle here, there and everywhere and have had quite an eclectic variety of bikes over the years from mountain bike to town bike, racers both old and new, lowriders, chopper-style bikes and big cruisers (I rode the Reach Ride a year or two ago on a cruiser with big ape bars!).

Recently my passion has slowly been passing down to my daughter who at nearly a year old will soon be requiring her first bike, and I’ve got at least two ideas in mind that I just know she’ll love as much as me.

I love the feeling of freedom when out on the bike, with no limits other than my own leg power preventing me from going afar or just popping to the shops. It’s a freedom like no other. It’s definitely kept me sane through lockdown being able to ride around (and I enjoyed all those quiet roads!).

Recently I pushed myself to do a ‘Cycle for Dementia’ and pushed out a grand old 500 miles in a month (around 370 more than my average commuting miles). It was a spectacular push making me feel fitter and happier, and raising £560 for Alzheimer’s Society.

Tom Rees