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This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 148.

18/1678/FUL (‘B2/F2’ at Cambridge Station)

Indicative map of a segregated route for the Chisholm Trail suitable for those who are bypassing Station Square (based on original drawings from Smarter Cambridge Transport).
Image as described adjacent

We continue to object to plans for two new buildings in the Cambridge station area as they fail to safeguard the Chisholm Trail route (as specified in Policy 80 of the Local Plan) or provide safe, high-quality provision for cyclists. Following the rejection of the developer’s proposals at the Planning Committee on 17 June, a revised design document was prepared which included a new layout for cycle access to Station Square from Devonshire Road and the northern part of the Chisholm Trail. The designs included tight corners and a bizarre ‘cycle mini roundabout’ (see inset diagram below).

In our response, we proposed solutions to this area and also supported Smarter Cambridge Transport’s diagram showing a proposal for a protected and segregated cycle route along Great Northern Road and behind One Station Square. This would require a realignment of the ground floor of building ‘F2’, but would safeguard a route for the Chisholm Trail which avoids the busy mini roundabout at the end of Great Northern Road used by over 6,000 motor vehicles a day.

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We will still campaign strongly for an improved route across the Station Square itself, but the Chisholm Trail will be used by many people travelling north to south and bypassing the station: this new proposal is currently the best chance to obtain a safe, clear route suitable for all ages and abilities, both existing and potential cyclists. We expect the Chisholm Trail to attract high numbers of cyclists, especially at peak times, and they must be protected from high volumes of motor traffic along all parts of the route.

The changes suggested here which are outside the application site can be achieved with the £500,000 of funding the developer pledged from the existing CB1 development for improvement of cycle infrastructure in the area.

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