News in Numbers

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 147.


was the decrease in motor traffic on 29 March, compared to pre-pandemic levels. The number of road miles travelled had not been that low since 1955, when fewer people owned cars and there were no motorways.

Source: The Guardian (3 April)


is the increase in uptake for the cycle-to-work schemes during recent months from people working for the emergency services.

Source: BBC (7 May)

8 million

car journeys and 9 million train journeys would be saved in the UK if cycling levels increased by just 5% on pre-Covid levels. During lockdown, cycling has increased by 70%.

Source: Department for Transport (9 May).

47 miles

of temporary cycleways opened in the Colombian city of Bogotá in March to help reduce overcrowding on public transport. In the UK, Leicester is currently installing a mile of pop-up cycle lanes per week for 10 weeks as part of its pandemic recovery plans.