Why I Cycle

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 146.

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I’ve always cycled in Cambridge (and prefer cycling to driving for home visits), but I’d increasingly got into the habit of cycling only on nice days and making excuses not to cycle to work in the winter. However, I felt guilty about driving and was getting more and more worried about the climate, traffic congestion and air quality. Then I had the bright idea of trying an electric bike. It’s revolutionised my life! The e-bike takes the edge off the excuse that I don’t fancy the slog of cycling; ever since I’ve had it I’ve been really enjoying cycling to work. The great thing about my e-bike is that you can choose what mode to have it in – I ride it in ‘eco’ setting if I want a bit more exercise or ‘turbo’ if I’m tired or in a hurry. I love the reliability of cycling journey times and the way that you arrive at work having had time to think things through on the ride.

Clare Goodhart, GP, from Grantchester