Planning Applications

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 146.

19/1159/FUL – five flats at 138 Brooks Rd

Image as described adjacent One for our ‘planning hall of shame’ as the applicant has attempted to propose a cycle parking shed for eight bikes that is only about two metres wide with eight Sheffield stands spaced about half a metre apart from each other. If you did somehow manage to squeeze some bikes into this shelter, good luck extracting them.

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19/0512/FUL – Grafton Centre hote

On 8 January, the city council planning committee approved plans for a new 153-room Premier Inn at The Grafton, to be located on the site of the current bus turning circle. We had objected to the loss of cycle parking for Grafton customers, but welcome improvements for walking and cycling nearby. The plans for a protected cycleway are in need of substantial refinement, but we hope continued discussion can resolve all the issues.

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19/1616/FUL 67-97 Campkin Road – redevelopment into 75 affordable homes

We recently withdrew our objection to plans for this development as the applicant had addressed all our concerns around the space given to cycle parking and cycle access.

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