Editors Letter: Healthy active transport benefits us all

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 146.

Adam (left), Rosie (center)
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For the umpteenth time, improving health tops the list for most people currently working on new year resolutions. The urge to be more active may be the perfect antidote to the excesses of year end celebrations and, as we approach brighter seasons, looks increasingly attractive. This is our first publication of the year, so we’re keen to highlight the easy relationship between cycling and improving health – that of cyclists and those around them, too.

We’re mindful of research which shows that around a quarter of us have already given up on our resolutions, so have included inspirational stories and evidence to help you focus on why it’s worth committing to active forms of travel for the benefit of all. We hear from people who’ve overcome significant health barriers and are cycling themselves back to strength. Others share stories of cycling to find solace or socialise in lives which are otherwise too full for these pleasures.

Camcycle’s resolution this year is to focus on the theme of ‘Cycling for All’ – enabling safe and convenient cycling for more people and more types of cycle. To provide ongoing motivation, we look at inspiring examples from around the world and celebrate some of our recent successful actions. A critical part of our work is questioning how local plans will affect people and how they move around the city. We therefore share updates on some of the current processes underway and suggest how you can engage in conversations about them.

As the year progresses, we will be holding ourselves to account, working towards specific, measurable and achievable goals. We’d love you to join us in our resolve by taking part in one of our events, engaging in our discussions or becoming a member, if you haven’t already. Whichever you do will help to improve our community’s health and optimise our collective chance of sticking to this resolution – so please do read on and get cycling!

Adam Jenkins & Rosie Humphrey, Camcycle editors


The next issue of Camcycle magazine is our birthday issue. We’ll be celebrating 25 years of campaigning for more, better and safer cycling – and we want to know your stories. What’s made a difference for you? What have you helped achieve? Let us know at contact@camcycle.org.uk.