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This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 146.

North pole danger

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In November there was a serious injury to a person cycling along the Busway near Cambridge North station because of a pole installed in the middle of the pathway. The pole in question can be hard to see under dark or grey skies, even with a headlight on. Network Rail has admitted 100% liability; it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to remove the hazard.

New bendy bollards celebrated

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Exclusionary barriers close to Madingley Road (left) and Bandon Road, Girton were replaced with bendy bollards following campaigning by Camcycle volunteers. Matthew Danish and Daniel Thomas worked together on the University of Cambridge’s Cycling and Walking subgroup (now disbanded) on an application for Local Highways Improvement funding. The application was approved and the barriers were replaced early this year.

Bollard needed here!

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The removal of a rising bollard at Cambridge Retail Park has led to issues with drivers ratrunning between Newmarket Road and the Beehive junction. We have called for the bollard to be reinstated to improve safety for all those walking and cycling near the shops.