About the Campaign

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 145.


All are welcome to our monthly meetingsat the Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane on the first Tuesday of each month. At each meeting there is an opportunity to discuss your own cycling issues and campaigns.

Please note that we may take photographs and videos at these meetings. These may be used in our publications, advertisements, media releases, website and social media. The video footage may be live-streamed on Facebook.

3 December Working together on campaigning issues

7pm, with tea and coffee from 6.30pm

7 January Camcycle memories and memorabilia

7pm, with tea and coffee from 6.30pm

Bring your Camcycle stories and souvenirs from 1995 onwards as we begin to celebrate our 25th anniversary year.

4 February Guest speaker Tom de Wilton, Oxwash

7pm, with tea and coffee from 6.30pm

Insights on cycling in Oxford and using cargo bikes for business from the growing eco-laundry service.

3 March Guest speaker Simon Munk

7pm, with tea and coffee from 6.30pm

From Waltham Forest success to Notting Hill frustrations with London Cycling Campaign’s Infrastructure Campaigner

Camcycle magazine dates

We welcome members’ help with our magazine, including writing articles, taking photos and laying out content. If you’d like to get involved, please follow Cyclescape thread 4264 and 4266 or email contact@camcycle.org.uk.

Copy deadline for the winter issue of the magazine is Sunday 19 January (theme: Cycling and Health).

Magazine distribution will begin on 24 February. Members organise the newsletter distribution, putting them into envelopes and then getting them delivered. More volunteers would be a great help. Please email contact@camcycle.org.uk if you can support this work.

REGULAR Cambridge cycle rides

CTC Cambridge holds up to six rides a week in the countryside around Cambridge. All welcome. Visit ctccambridge.org.uk.

#CamRideHome rides start at 6pm on the last Friday of the month from outside The Mill pub on Mill Lane, Cambridge. No one takes responsibility for organising it so it just depends on who turns up. Usually a few do and they enjoy a one-hour leisurely tour of the city finishing up at a pub. Follow the hashtag on Twitter and enjoy.