Working for more, better and safer cycling since 1995

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 145.

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In 2020, Camcycle celebrates its 25th anniversary. We’d like to hear your stories of cycling since 1995 – how has our work improved your cycling experience?

Campaigners celebrating the lifting of the city centre cycling ban in 2005. The ban was one of the catalysts for the organisation’s formation.
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The Chisholm Trail. The Reach Ride. Restricted traffic on Bridge Street. Protected cycle lanes on Hills Road and Huntingdon Road. Cycle parks at the Grand Arcade and Park Street. Advanced green traffic lights for cycles. Cattle grids on the commons and two-way cycling in the streets around Mill Road. Toucan crossings, cycle filters, contraflow lanes and side-road priority. Dutch roundabouts, Greenways and parklets. Guides to making space for cycling, lighting and cycle parking. The Cambridge Festival of Cycling and monthly meetings bringing cycling experts to our city.

These are just some of the ways we have influenced cycle policy and practice in Cambridge since Camcycle’s foundation as Cambridge Cycling Campaign in 1995. We’ll be celebrating our successes in 2020 and looking to the future, as there’s still lots to do to make Cambridge a true cycling city. But we’d also like to hear your story. Have you been involved in our work over the years? Has something we’ve done improved your cycling experience? Which bits of Cambridge do you love cycling in, what changes have you noticed (such as an increase in cargo bikes) and what would you like to celebrate?

Send your Camcycle stories to or post on social media with the hashtag #25yearsofCamcycle