Cycling for all: our campaign for investment in a cycling network

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 145.

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In our autumn issue we introduced the three processes that are underway which will have huge implications for walking, cycling and urban design in the Greater Cambridge area. We’re calling for a commitment to investment in cycling – for now, for the future and for everyone who wants to ride.

Local Transport Plan

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority

In September we wrote a sixpage response to the Local Transport Plan consultation. We were concerned at the lack of concrete recommendations for walking and cycling infrastructure and the clear emphasis on car use through references to the need for additional highway capacity. One paragraph of the report stated that on fast-moving roads priority will go to motor traffic, while ‘consideration’ will be given to how the infrastructure can facilitate walking and cycling – which sounded like an excuse to do nothing to improve things for those travelling on foot or by cycle.

The only metric in the report was a vague goal that residents should be within a 30-minute travel time of a major employment centre. We suggested this should specify 30 minutes by sustainable transport, with additional metrics added on reducing the number of injuries and deaths on the roads, increasing levels of cycling and improving the environment.

We also called for the Combined Authority to pledge that 20% of the transport budget will go towards projects that make walking and cycling both safer and more convenient, with the direct purpose being to increase the modal share of walking and cycling.

The final Local Transport Plan will be launched via the Combined Authority’s website following analysis of the consultation responses and engagement with stakeholders.

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City Deal Tranche 2

Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)

December 2019 was meant to be a key time for the Greater Cambridge Partnership as it reviewed the recommendations of the autumn Citizens’ Assembly and concluded the first five years of City Deal money, aiming to gain the next tranche from the government, worth £400 million. However, because of the restrictions on major project decisions during a pre-election period, meetings of the Joint Assembly and Executive Board have been postponed until the new year.

During the autumn we called on the GCP to invest in a continuous network of cycleways, tackle dangerous junctions and enable better journeys through a demand management scheme. We asked questions at GCP meetings and shared our vision for a cycling city at the Citizens’ Assembly. We agree with the assembly members that road space should be reallocated from motor traffic to sustainable transport modes and continue to communicate this message. We’ve been working with the GCP’s non-motorised user stakeholder group to advocate for the needs of cyclists in schemes that are underway, and with residents of Adams Road who are concerned about the GCP’s plan to route a new busway along the line of the current Coton Path.

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Greater Cambridge Local Plan

Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council

A six-week consultation on the joint Local Plan will begin in January 2020 and will include questions on climate change, nature, wellbeing and equality to help inform important decisions on the growth of homes, jobs and facilities in the Greater Cambridge area.

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