Blog of the Quarter: The 2 Wheeled Wolf

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 145.

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‘I think my limit so far is 50 miles (due to disability) but hope I can increase that in the future (depending on disability) but every time I am out cycling I am showing the world a bike is a mode of transport, nothing special needed to ride one and if you get the right bike for your body you can eventually build up the miles and do what you would never think possible.’

Wolf Simpson returned to cycling after becoming disabled and has continued to cycle despite the disability getting worse. His attitude is that you don’t need to be a particular type of person to get cycling, you just need the right bike. He owns four different cycles, all bought for different purposes and is currently working on an e-bike conversion. His blog documents his experiences cycling with a disability and his campaigns for better cycling infrastructure in Essex. The post Breaking the skewed perception of cycling invites readers to look beyond the cycling stereotypes and discover what is possible through pedal power.