Editors Letter: It's a great time to share the joy of cycling

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 144.

Adam (left), Rosie (center)
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We think autumn is one of the most vibrant times of year to be a cyclist in Cambridge. Golden light on amber leaves colours our journeys before the onset of winter and it’s an ideal time to share the joy of cycling with others.

If you are keen to start afresh with the new academic year, we hope to inspire you. Worried about riding to school with your children? We consider how to encourage their cycling habits and include tips from the Bikeability Trust which should boost your confidence. Work lacking a cycling culture? Love to Ride introduces a competition to see which workplace can most increase its number of cyclists in September, and we feature a successful Cycle-to-Work day example which focuses on food. The Camcycle social ride on 1 September is another great way to begin, kickstarting the 2019 Cambridge Festival of Cycling. This brings a month of cycle-themed events to Cambridge including rides, exhibitions and our popular Cargo Carnival. Read more about the festival’s film, technology and theatre events on page 29.

Of course, it isn’t only the experience on the saddle that gets people cycling. Our support continues for projects which promote more, better and safer cycling through high-quality, cycle paths and low-traffic neighbourhoods. Progress with the Chisholm Trail continues, and we’re pleased to have helped show that Mill Road can thrive without traffic during the bridge closure this summer. But priority for cycling and other active modes of transport is still overlooked, so we’re calling for local authorities to deliver Cycling for All. We want to see more investment in cycling and new planning guidelines that prioritise active travel. Read more on page 22.

We know our work is making a difference, but it’s always nice to have it recognised, most recently at the Cambridge Community Magazine Awards. This year, Camcycle magazine won Best Photo (thanks to Lucy Price’s stunning shot for the cover of our Winter issue) and Best Charity Magazine overall. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed through writing, proofreading, editing, photographing, illustrating, distributing, providing ideas and giving feedback. This publication is a truly collaborative effort and one of our key campaigning tools. So if you would like to join our vital team of contributors encouraging more, better and safer cycling, then please get in touch!

Adam Jenkins & Rosie Humphrey, Camcycle editors