Planning Applications

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 144.

Plans for the Market Square in the Wing development were improved following our comments.
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S/1096/19/RM – Wing development Phase 1a

Image as described adjacentThis is the first wave of housing proposed for the new neighbourhood on the east of Cambridge, north of Newmarket Road. This phase contains 239 homes and a new market square alongside a new school. The applicants have been in frequent contact with us and responsive to the concerns we raised. For example, we pointed out inconsistencies in the cycle parking provision, noted a couple of blind corners on the market square cycle route that could be fixed with landscaping, sorted out more natural access to cycle parking within an indoor car/cycle park, suggested improvements to the design of a path linking the market square with the adjacent Park & Ride, and checked on numerous small details such as dropped kerb placement and upstand height. We were happy to work together with the planning officer and the applicants to resolve all these concerns and, as of this writing, we expect that the application will be granted permission at the upcoming Joint Development Control Committee.

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18/1339/FUL – 99 Hills Rd

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We objected to this proposal for a detached rear-garden dwelling because it failed to show adequate cycle parking and it specified car parking spaces in the front garden that would imply drivers reversing across the busy Hills Road cycle lanes. In the end, the application was refused permission by officers, in part because of the lack of space for cycle parking and the poor quality of amenity for potential occupiers.

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18/1930/FUL – Pembroke redevelopment south of Mill Lane

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Among several things in this large application, we objected to lack of a safe pedestrian crossing of Trumpington Street in front of Pembroke College. Furthermore, we put forward an idea to help alleviate the everyday problems at the junction of Trumpington Street and Pembroke Street/Mill Lane: to swap the priorities around so that Pembroke Street/Mill Lane became the ‘main’ road and Trumpington Street traffic should give way. This would make it much easier for people walking and cycling to cross Trumpington Street, and it makes sense given the high flows of people going east/west here. However, the application went to planning committee with a condition that would have installed only an ‘informal pedestrian crossing’ in front of Pembroke College, using build-outs to squeeze Trumpington Street at this point. We, and several officers and councillors, felt that this would be dangerous for cyclists, forcing them into the paths of buses, and not helpful for pedestrians compared to a formal crossing such as a Zebra. Therefore, we spoke at committee and requested that the condition be reworded so that it would allow highways officers full latitude to design and install a Zebra crossing or other formal crossing at this location. The committee agreed with our request and changed the condition before granting approval to the application. Afterwards, Cllr Harrison came up with the idea of submitting our priority-swapping idea as a Local Highways Improvement proposal, and now we are also supporting that effort to improve safety at this junction.

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S/0101/18/CC Histon – New Primary School north of Garden Walk

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Plans for a new four-form-entry primary school in Histon went to planning hearing on 18 July. A Camcycle trustee and local parent spoke at the hearing to raise our concerns over the transport plans. We objected to a dual-provision crossing at the staff parking and drop-off entrance; current plans propose both a give-way path adjacent to the road and priority crossing over a raised table that will be unclear for all users (see below). We also objected to a new uncontrolled crossing of the wide, sweeping Cottenham Road junction, exactly where drivers divert to avoid queues on the main B1049. Finally, we objected to insufficient space for a new toucan crossing along the Cottenham cycle path. Ultimately, the application was approved six to one, though as a build on the green belt it will now go to the Secretary of State. We hope to continue working with the parish and developer to improve the situation before work starts.

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