Editors Letter: Try something new this summer

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 143.

Adam (left), Rosie (right)
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As a campaigning organisation, we are always looking towards change. Altering road layout, planning new infrastructure – it’s our raison d’ĂȘtre. If you chose to ‘Vote Bike’ in the recent May elections, then you’re looking for change alongside us, hoping that those who govern will try something new.

It’s in this spirit that we welcome you to the summer issue of Camcycle’s quarterly magazine. It follows folk who have tried some of the new types of bike featured in our spring issue such as e-bikes and docked city-bikes. Local cycling groups you may like to join tell us about themselves, and we hear about recent monthly meeting guests Extinction Rebellion who use cycling as a call to action.

But more importantly, this issue looks at new ideas we can bring to our streets to get more people cycling and make journeys safer and more pleasant. Green End Road now has (nearly complete) segregated cycle lanes which give priority to cyclists; Chesterton Road is under discussion; school streets and point closures around Cambridge are considered; and we look at ideas from other places such as Cheltenham and Pontevedra.

We also share the results of our recent Camcycle member survey – and thank you for responding. Over half of you reported valuing changes made in your local area of Cambridge as a result of our work. Nearly half of you said you would like to participate in our campaigns. There are plenty to get involved with so please join us to make our shared visions a reality, simply telling others about us if that’s all time allows.

If you feel you could do more, then do: try something new!

Adam Jenkins & Rosie Humphrey, Camcycle editors