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This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 143.

Image as described adjacent
Image as described adjacent

‘Changes to main streets to support cycling MUST be accompanied by changes to the nearby residential streets … If we work this way it means that the biggest effects of the changes in streetscape are to improve the quality of life of the local residents, with improvements to the safety of ‘cyclists’ (people cycling through the area) being only one part of a whole unified scheme.’

Robert Weetman has a job in active travel, and uses his personal blog to share ideas and examples of how improving places for walking and cycling can create nicer places for everyone. He visited the Netherlands and fell in love with the way Dutch urban design had delivered towns and cities that were pro-human: beautiful, peaceful, thriving places which were pleasant to traverse and spend time in.

His latest post, I want my street to be like this…, looks at the differences between British (top) and Dutch residential streets, highlighting the contrasts in layout and structure which mean that, even when the number of cars is the same, the street is a safer and more people-friendly place.

Images © Robert Weetman and used with permission