New Developments: What’s happening where?

This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 142.

Map: Cambridge City Council
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n the previous issue of our magazine, we reported on the approval last year of the Local Plans for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. The former will be used by the city council to guide development up to 2031 and they recently published this map of some of the areas earmarked for development. We look at some of the key changes.

Cambridge Northern Fringe East (1)

The city council is currently asking the public for their views on options for development of the area west of the new Cambridge North Station, on the current site of the sewage works. The new city ‘quarter’ could introduce 5,000 homes and 7,000 jobs in what is described as ‘a socially and economically inclusive, thriving, and low-carbon place for innovative living and working; inherently walkable where everything is on your doorstep.’

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Land north of Cherry Hinton (2)

1,200 homes are planned for this area. In May 2018 we objected to proposals for the neighbourhood which put a primary school on the main street and failed to prioritise walking and cycling.

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Existing growth sites (3)

We continue to monitor the development in existing areas of growth including around Trumpington in the south, in the east of the city near the Park & Ride (the Wing development), at Darwin Green off Huntingdon Road, and in Eddington. The impact of these developments goes beyond their boundaries; for example, we would like to see the access junction to Darwin Green improved as part of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Histon Road project.

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Wort’s Causeway (4)

430 new homes are set to be built in this area in the south of the city. To improve access in this area, some changes to the cycleway between Addenbrooke’s roundabout and the Babraham Park & Ride are currently being proposed.

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