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This article was published in 2019, in Magazine 142.

Campaign win at Elizabeth Way roundabout as new designs are drawn up for GCP’s Milton Road scheme

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One of the draft design ideas for the Arbury Road junction.

In January 2019, the Greater Cambridge Partnership held a workshop to explore some new designs that are being explored for Milton Road following last year’s public consultation. The next Local Liaison Forum (LLF) is just after we go to print, on 18 February, but this is the latest update on the project:

  • Big win at Elizabeth Way roundabout, now with segregated footways and cycleways all around. The older design that squashed together pedestrians and cyclists was engineered so that two HGVs could drive side-by-side as they circulated the roundabout. This may make sense at a motorway junction, but is entirely inappropriate for a residential neighbourhood. Dropping that feature opened up much more space for people.
  • The shared-use pavement proposal on the northwest side of the road has been limited to the section between Highworth Avenue and Ascham Road.
  • New crossings are added with signals at Westbrook Drive and Downham’s Lane, and without signals at Woodhead Drive.
  • The cycle lane approaching Gilbert Road on the outbound side of the road has regained a protective buffer from motor traffic.
  • The Arbury Road junction design is still being finalised. There is a technical debate going on because strict application of odd and out-of-date regulations would require signs that ban people from making a left turn while cycling here. This severe step flies in the face of all common sense and is obviously unreasonable and unnecessary, but that’s what happens when the rules haven’t kept up with the times. We look forward to hearing at the LLF how this will be sorted.
  • The consulting team now has a dedicated landscape architect who is working up various proposals.

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