Join us at the Camcycle AGM to shape our next year of success

This article was published in 2018, in Magazine 141.

We’d like to welcome all members to the 2019 Camcycle AGM, which will be held from 10.30am to 2pm on Saturday 19 January at Clay Farm Community Centre in Trumpington, just off the Busway cycleway.

With a theme of ‘Winning Hearts and Minds’, we hope this event will be our best AGM yet, inspiring our next year of campaigning and learning from a diverse panel of speakers. There will be an opportunity to find out more about our campaigning over the past twelve months and to share your ideas for Camcycle’s work in the future. Our agenda for the day will include morning tea, a Camcycle update, the official AGM, panel discussion and an interactive campaigning session over lunch where you can find out more about areas of interest to you and discover how to get involved with the charity’s activities. There will also be some new cycling awards! If you can, please let us know in advance if you are coming at to help us plan the day.

Trustee elections at the AGM

All charities have to evaluate their governance from time to time to ensure that their policies and procedures are aligned with the goals of the organisation. A number of years ago the trustees decided to move away from a single ‘committee’ that does all the work and move towards a model where any member can contribute and campaign. The creation of Cyclescape started this transition, with any member able to contribute to writing letters, commenting on planning applications, and discussing solutions to the many cycling issues that arise in Cambridge.

As part of this transition, the trustees have decided to reduce the number of trustees on the Board of Trustees and also to remove all the non-statutory named posts. In the past we had posts like the press officer, the events officer, and the planning officer. In the future we will have just trustees and in the first trustee meeting of the year we will determine who within the elected trustees will be responsible for particular areas. The statutory positions of chair, secretary, and treasurer will continue to be individually elected positions.

We’ve reviewed the skills needed to ensure Camcycle continues to grow sustainably and increase the impact of our work and we would particularly like to welcome people with experience in relationship fundraising, human resources, legal affairs, and marketing communications to apply to join the trustees. Cycle campaigning experience is not required, but you should be passionate about our cause. If you would like to know more about standing as a trustee, then please get in touch with Camcycle and we can arrange for you to meet for further discussion.

Those who wish to stand for a trustee position will need to fill in a trustee nomination form (download one from and have it counter-signed by another member. You have to be a member of the charity to stand as a trustee, and be over 18 years of age. You also have to be somebody who is capable of being a trustee of a charity, as defined by the Charity Commission and agree to our Trustee Code of Conduct. You will also need to submit a photo and a short written biography of no more than 200 words which will be shared with Camcycle members before the AGM to assist in their voting decision. This needs to be completed by 4 January 2019, and handed to an existing trustee or the Camcycle office.