Welcome to winter!

This article was published in 2018, in Magazine 141.

Anna (top), Adam (bottom left), Rosie (bottom right)
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Winter has brought more than just wind, rain and snow to your doorstep. It’s also brought a new Camcycle magazine! Think of it as a bigger and bolder version of the newsletter. More articles and more photos – it’s even brought more contributors to the editorial team. It’s now quarterly, and our theme for this issue is ‘Keep on Cycling’.

Cycling throughout winter is possible, though your fingertips may be telling you otherwise. Don’t worry – if your gift request for mittens falls through, why not enter our competition to win a pair of gloves from Kingsway Cycles?

It’s not just the weather that can keep you off your bike. Our writers show you how to keep on cycling when pregnant, when you’re getting older and when you’re suffering from chronic pain. For those who keep pedalling, there’s a host of feasting rewards to be found in the pubs and caf├ęs around the city.

One of the joys of Cambridge is that cycling doesn’t shut down in winter. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone to go everywhere. What people of all ages and abilities need is a high-quality, joined-up cycle network which goes where people want to go. Camcycle Chair Robin Heydon explains how building a primary cycle network with people-friendly junctions would achieve this and get new people cycling. It would also mean that people wouldn’t have to avoid Milton Road or Histon Road and would enjoy spending time and money on Mill Road.

High-quality cycling and walking networks are also key to new developments like Bourn Airfield and Waterbeach New Town. By discouraging driving and making active travel quick and easy, they will become pleasant places for people to live. Critically, plans for these networks are especially important when designing new developments, as once a road network is set it’s almost impossible to change it. We think a Dutch-style cycle network is achievable for Cambridge and will be working hard in 2019 to continue promoting better, safer and more cycling in and around the city.

Overall it’s been a good year for Camcycle: we’ve reached a huge 1,300 members! In this issue, we reflect on some of our 2018 successes and invite you to help us plan for the future at our AGM on 19 January at Clay Farm Community Centre. We hope to see you there. Keep on cycling!

Anna, Adam & Rosie