Friday Rides

Friday riders on the innaugral 28 inch day.
Friday riders on the innaugral 28 inch day.

We think these rides started around the year 2000, but we’re not quite sure because they’ve always been quite informal events. They started off as long, fast rides as people just wanted to burn off a bit of excess energy before going back to work in the afternoon. But nowadays we usually pedal a few miles to a pub for drink and talk about the latest developments in bicycles and cycling.

These are a few of our favourite rides, with approximate one-way times and distances:

  • Hole in the Wall pub at Little Wilbraham about 35 minutes, just over 6 miles
  • The Sun pub in Waterbeach about 30 minutes, just under 5 miles
  • The Bell pub in Bottisham about 35 minutes, just under 6 miles

The rides are not really organised, its just a question of who turns up. Most weeks we get about four people riding, and I think the most we’ve ever had is about 7, which feels very crowded. If the weather doesn’t look good you might be the only person there.

We’re always delighted to have newcomers to the ride, but remember these rides are not organised events as part of the wider Cycling Campaign. Riders join us at their own risk.

If you are really keen you can join the mailing list for these rides. This mailing list is open to non-members.