The Duxford Double

Route by David Hembrow and Simon Nuttall

Also available as a PDF file

This ride is a bit longer than normal at approximately 40km and taken at a leisurely pace you should do it in 4 hours.

But at the end the reward is Rebecca’s chocolate cake at my house.

Lets start promptly to avoid too much riding in the dark, but please bring lights just in case.

Romsey Town
Great Shelford
Little Shelford

Numbers below are approximate distances in metres between junctions.

Start 1pm at Brookside, which is at the Trumpington Road end of Lensfield Road.

LLR onto Fen Causeway.

Across Lammas Land into Newnham Croft to go across Grantchester Meadows. (Alternately if there are many walkers we could go along Barton Road and L into Grantchester Road.)

At Grantchester take the Coton Road, but just before leaving the village take a left turn into a road that becomes a bridleway.

Chapel Hill – can you spot the tree with the Hanging Branch?

Across the M11 turn L.

At a junction R towards the Telescopes.

The road improves towards Haslingfield along Cantelupe Road.

LR through the village around the dog-legs and R opposite a chapel.

You’re climbing Chapel Hill.

Enjoy view.

Cruise into Barrington and all the way through.

Pass through Shepreth and go into Fowlmere. Straight at T.

L out the other end is Chrishall Road.

Care: straight over the busy A505.

At T go L 800 R. 300 curves left, 3800 to Duxford Village.

RL 300 L.

1200 to another busy A505 junction. Take your time to cross this one safely.

Into Whittlesford Village, you can go to the Railway Station if you want to get the train back.

If not, straight on. 1200 Whittlesford, 3000 Little Shelford & 1000 Great Shelford.

L onto the A1301 then 150 R signed for “Trading Standards”.

Climb over White Hill. R onto A1307 towards Addenbrooke’s.

Take Hills Road for 1300m and turn right into Hartington Grove. Straight along Coleridge Road.

Left onto Mill Road, then Ross Street and St. Phillip’s Road take you to Thoday Street. The chocolate cake will be served at number 100.

Ride Review

I’ve called it the Duxford Double because there are 2 hills on the ride and it goes through Duxford.

Some of the Duxford Double Pioneers

The first is Chapel Hill just after Haslingfield. See if you can spot the photo of the tree with the hanging broken branch.

The other photo is of some of the Duxford Double Pioneers who tried the route on 13 Jan 2002. Setting off at 1pm we arrived back in Cambridge at 16:45pm having enjoyed a leisurely pace all the way round. Ten people were involved in the ride, though 4 only did the Grantchester Meadows section.

If its a bit muddy I recommend avoiding the section from the crossing over the M11 to the telescopes. We all got quite heavily bogged down by the mud on this bridleway. The roads were very quiet, and on the one coming into Duxford it is easy to forget there might be traffic coming – don’t drop your guard! Two of the Pioneers took the train back to Cambridge from Whittlesford Station at 16:14.

The second and last significant hill is White Hill, which presents you with an excellent view of Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge.