Road Danger Reduction public meeting

Cambridge Cycling Campaign presents…

Public Meeting – Road Safety – the New Agenda

Learning from the York Experience

Tuesday April 2, 1996

7.30 p.m., Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane


Danger refers to the potential of someone or something to do damage The principal source of danger on the road is motor vehicles Traditionally, road safety professionals have sought to help people cope with this danger. The Road Danger Reduction approach seeks to reduce it at source.


Transport policies are changing In the light of reports like that of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution there is a growing understanding that we need to reduce our dependence on car transport. However, within this climate for change there is a shortage of emphasis on issues of real road safety. Unless danger reduction becomes a central part of the debate, effective change will not be possible.

– From the introduction to “A Guide to Road Danger Reduction”

While CAMBRIDGE suffers the highest number of cyclists killed and hurt in Britain, YORK is said to be the most cycle-friendly city.

Indeed, York’s success in reducing casualties among all road users is enviable.

A York Road Safety Officer (Education in Schools) – and leading exponent of Road Danger Reduction – will address the meeting advertised above to discuss how this can be achieved and why the streets should be reclaimed for pedestrians, cyclists and children.