Historically Themed Cycle Ride

Information written by Simon Nuttall

  • 13th June 2004
  • Expected number on the ride 20-30
  • Approximate times: Parker’s Piece 11am Milton Country Park 1pm
  • Riders can return at their leisure (and own risk), but a lead return journey departs approximately 2pm and arrives Parker’s Piece 3-4pm.

11am Hobbs Pavilion, Parkers Piece

Initial welcome to the ride. Introduction of the ride leader and marshals. Speak loudly and clearly. Explain not a race and that no-one will be left behind. We shall stop occasionally to look at an artefact. Make sure where you stop is a safe place and that you are not obstructing traffic and pedestrians. Although we are travelling as a group everybody must make sure it is safe for themselves to proceed especially at junctions and turns.

First bit of ride is to John Cook shop on Prospect Row.

Follow shared use path towards Parkside and turn right on the shared use onto Parkside. Dismount and use the crossing.

Remount on the other side, and cycle past the parked cars turning left underneath the archway to go past Parkside school. At the end turn on to Warkworth Street then Prospect Row. If there is no traffic pause outside the old shop for a few words.

Cycle the length of Eden Street then turn left onto Fitzroy Street and right into Fair Street.

The group may get spread out as we cross Maids Causeway onto Midsummer Common.

Midsummer Common

A short talk here about the skeletons underground, then proceed past the houses in Brunswick Terrace. Turn right towards Cutter Ferry Bridge and pass over the Cattle Grid.

Continue alongside the river over the next cattlegrid (note: this is narrow, trailers should take extra care) and straight on underneath the road arch of Elizabeth Way bridge. (Do not go under the main river arch where the cycle path lies.) Turn right into Abbey Road.

There’s a bit of a hill to climb here and cars are parked on either side of the road.


Turn left into Beche Road and stop outside the Abbey.

After a talk about the building turn left down Priory Road. At the bottom turn right onto Riverside, passing the Museum of Technology.

Stourbridge Common

Give a short talk on Stourbridge common, then turn to the right. Follow the path round to the exit from the common over another cattle grid.

Follow Garlic row all the way to the junction with Newmarket Road. There is a cycle lane along here to the left and we take that and carry straight on. Becareful of traffic that might want to turn left into Swann’s road. Stay on the cycle lane until just over the brow of the bridge and then turn left into the road towards Barnwell Junction Station.

Leper Chapel

Ask the group to lock up their bikes while Simon goes to get the key.

After the key is returned we continue along the pavement section of shared use until the junction with Ditton Walk. Turn left at this corner around the restaurant, with care for pedestrians and other cyclists. The cycle lane ends immediately and we must join the carriageway with care and head up Ditton Walk.

Follow the whole length of this road passing the parked cars and going through this semi-industrial area. Past the old maltings.

Ditton Walk turns into Wadloes road, and the old path continues straight on. Follow this but then turn left at the Sustrans route sign, this takes you back onto Stourbridge common over another Cattle Grid.

Stourbridge Common Again

Ride straight on down to the river. Follow the Jubilee Cycleway over the wooden platform, more cattle grids.

Keep going all the way to Green Dragon bridge. We ought to dismount here and go over the bridge to the other side. Remount and turn right along Ferry Lane. This brings you to some bollards at the junction with Water Street. Go through and turn right. Follow the route of Water Street parallel to the river.

60s / 70s estate

On the right hand side after the pub is a small car park on the river bank. Keep on the road and soon after this is a turn to the left along Isaak Walton Way. Take this, all the way to the end and then right into Anglers Way.

I call this Ian Miller corner, as he objected to a planning application that proposed to close this link. Short explanation here of the proposals for a road. Turn left at the end of anglers way through the bollards onto Cam Causeway.

Follow this road, straight on at a junction with a road from the right, and to the junction with Nuffield Road. Straight over to join the shared use cycleway. Follow this all the way to Milton Road stopping at the side roads. Follow right through a narrow section onto Milton Road. The route runs past a bus shop and driveway exits to an underpass of the old railway line.

Cambridge Business Park

The underpass emerges at a complicated junction. It will be quiet on Sunday so cycle straight onto the road. There’s a sort of elephant’s feet crossing after a few hundred metres, if clear follow it across the road to join the shared use cycle way. Stay on this taking care at all the side roads and driveways all the way to the bridge.

Jane Coston Bridge

Follow the route onto the bridge dodging the bollards. Extra cones to slow cyclists have been placed at the far end of the bridge. Turn right at the end of the bridge into the road that leads to Milton Country Park.

Milton Country Park

The road leads into the park over some unpleasant speed bumps. Carry right on into the park slowing to give way to pedestrians. Ride into the park to find a suitable picnic area.

Coming Back

The first bit of the return journey is the reverse of the outward route: Return to the Cycle Bridge, and follow the cycle path all the way and go back into the underpass of the railway. Keep on the shared use and turn left onto Green End Road. Follow the route along into Cam Causeway and back through Angler’s Way and Isaak Walton Way to Water Street. Continue on towards Green Dragon bridge.


Carry on past the Green Dragon pub down to Ferry Lane, turning right. This will take you up to the traffic calmed area of Chesterton High Street. Turn left along the High Street and follow on road until you come to a speed table. This turns into Church Street. At the next junction turn right into Chapel Street. A little way up on the left is Chesterton Tower. This is private so we can’t go and look around.

Return to the junction, and follow Church St to its junction with St Andrew’s road. Now cross into the church yard and ride through the cemetry into a new development where there is a wide cycle path.

This takes you to a crossing with the ring road. Its not a toucan so we have to dismount to continue across into Humberstone Road. Turn left at the junction with De Freville Road and then right into Aylestone road.

Fort St. George Bridge

Over the bridge and back over the common towards Maids Causeway / Fair Street crossing.

Back to Start Point

Straight on into Clarendon Street and then across the elephant’s feet onto the corner of Parkside and Park Terrace. Back along the shared use to the start point.