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Already the Cambridge Festival of Cycling seems a distant – but sunny – memory now. It was a packed week of events that we organised in partnership with the local CTC. Welcome funding from the City and County Councils, and support from Sustrans, enabled us to produce the highest quality and greatest quantity of publicity in all our five years of organising such events. These pages present what we put on – and include some reviews of the events.

The Cambridge Festival of Cycling ran from 17th-25th June 2000. This site is a record of what we laid on, and how each event turned out on the day.

For a full list and review of the events click here.

There was a chance for you to nominate anything that you loved or loathed about cycling in the Cambridge area for one of the Golden Bell or Chocolate Chain awards.

Free Cyclist's Breakfast 1996
Free Cyclist’s Breakfast 1996


This grand (literally!) sounding title is the name given to this year’s National Bike Week (NBW). It will be a week in June in which cycling will be promoted nationally by a series of high profile events. Among these events, Sustrans will be celebrating the opening of the first sections of their 5,000-mile National Cycle Network under the banner of “Ride the Net”. CTC (Cyclist’s Touring Club) (who normally organise NBW) will hold a 3 day rally in York, and MPs will have their own bike rides in the national assembly cities of Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

What is the point of it all?

They say that you never forget how to ride a bike. Well that may be true, but I think that too many people who drive forget to ride a bike ever again. Nationally promoted cycling events can prompt people to dig their bike out of the garage, fix that puncture and get riding. Having mass participation events proves that cyclists are a ‘force’ who make a contribution to reduced traffic congestion and should be adequately provided for on the road network. Members of the cycling campaign have been accused of being “fast cyclists” or “atypical cyclists” – comments directed at watering down our lobbying power. That is not my experience and the wonderful media coverage of members of all ages and sizes enjoying the Free Breakfast at Hobb’s Pavilion on the TV and in the Press over the past few years go a long way, I believe, to rebutting that.

What will be going on in Cambridge?

Well that’s largely up to you, dear members! Each year since its inception the Campaign has organised a packed series of events during National Bike Week in early June. In the past these have included “Cycling City Cinema”, “Bike to Work Day”, “Free Breakfast for Cyclists”, “Children’s Art Competition” and the popular “Doctor Bike”. These events have all been conceived, organised, promoted and implemented through the efforts of members like you.

What’s involved?

The campaign can draw on the experience of 4 years of organising NBW. This enables us to arrange our regular events relatively smoothly. However we are keen to bring fresh events to NBW every year and fresh ideas come best when there are new faces involved in the planning. The events are planned through a series of informal and friendly meetings held monthly until June.


Cambridge City Council LogoCambridgeshire County Council LogoTravelwise logoIn addition to the superb effort put in by members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign and the CTC Cambridge District Association, we thank the generous support of Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council Travelwise.

How can I help?

Take part in organising.