National Bike Week 1999

Free Breakfasts, Dr. Bike and taking a fresh look at Cycling are all events promoted by Cambridge Cycling Campaign in National Bike Week.

Cyclists' Breakfast, National Bike Week 1997

National Bike Week takes place in the middle of June, and spans two whole weekends. Each year since 1996 we have:

  • Held a Free Breakfast for Cyclists on National Bike to Work day
  • Conducted free bike safety examinations – known as “Dr. Bike”
  • Achieved coverage of Cycling issues with the local press, radio & television

These events take a certain amount of careful planning to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible to acheive their aims. The subgroup consists of around 6 committed volunteers and ‘reserves’ who help out with logistics close to the week. The planning of Events for 1999 is well underway, but we very much welcome more input to ensure that our aims cover the widest possible remit.

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