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Question 5 - we asked:

Cycle routes which are narrow and involves sharp turns and chicanes make routes difficult or impossible for users of tricycles, handcycles and cargo bikes, impairing accessibility for the most vulnerable. Can you think of anywhere in your ward that is difficult to use on a non-standard cycle and what will you do to improve it?

We asked this question:

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Green Party)

The alleyway between Malta Road and Coleridge road has barriers at either end which involve sharp turns. I would be in favour of removing these. The current obstruction serves no discernible purpose as the alleyway is not wide enough for a car. This would also allow simultaneous ingress and egress, rather than the current necessity to wait if someone is coming from the opposite direction. It may be worth putting a sign at each end of the alleyway to remind cyclists that they are about to encounter traffic travelling perpendicular to them.

Nichola Jayne MARTIN
(Liberal Democrat)

The most obvious example for Romsey is the contraflow cycle paths of St. Philips Road. Even for a cyclist they are tricky due to the shared pavement parking. For this to be sorted we would have to consult local residents on what they would want to see as the best outcome. I think understanding what Romsey residents' vision for their street and local area is imperative to any decision.

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