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Question 2 - we asked:

What measures would you like to see to improve the safety of children getting to school?

We asked this question:

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Green Party)

People currently rely too much on cars to get their children to school. At St. Philip’s they park all down Vinery Road and Vinery Way. The school drive is directly opposite the junction at the end of the one-way part of Vinery Road and people regularly park or sit in their cars right on the junction. In addition, people turn in that junction, often driving a short way through the no entry sign in order to make this manoeuvre. Additionally, there is a pinch point immediately on turning right out of that junction which tends to lead to a build-up of cars in that area directly in front of the school.

There are also often deliveries to the Vinery Stores at the time that children are going to school. Vans and lorries stop and unload at the yellow zig-zag lines. Although the school caretaker puts out cones to discourage parking on the zig-zags, which should not be necessary, I have seen delivery vehicles stop there anyway, just further out in the road, causing further obstructions.

We need to encourage people to walk and cycle to school. One option would be to set-up walking buses. Segregated cycle lanes on Vinery Road, leading to the school, would help parents feel safer cycling with their children. Parking restrictions must be enforced and loading/unloading needs to be prohibited at the beginning and end of the school day. This also appliers for construction work. A safe crossing point for children arriving via the one-way part of Vinery Road would also be beneficial.

Nichola Jayne MARTIN
(Liberal Democrat)

There definitely needs to be safer cycle routes to schools. We should be encouraging young children to cycle to school and ease congestion on roads outside schools. This can easily be achieved by having segregated cycle routes around schools as well providing schools with covered bicycle racks.

With St. Philips Primary School we could do this along Vinery Road and Coldhams Lane. I will also take this approach into account alongside my campaign to get a new primary school in the local area for Romsey families. We would definitely make it as easy as possible to commute to the new site.

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