List of questions

Here is a list of all the questions (across all wards) we have asked for this election:

  1. Since 2012 there has been talk of making the speed ramps on The Gallery and Barton Road safer for cyclists, but the work doesn’t qualify for Local Highways Improvement funding. What would you do to encourage Cambridgeshire County Council to repair/maintain these ramps?
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  2. There are many simple improvements that could help more people walk and wheel within Ely. For example, on Market Street, the pavement could be widened near the bus stops by the removal of a couple of parking spaces and a crossing and dropped kerbs could be added over Lynn Road at the end of Market Street by the museum. What other pedestrian improvements would you like to see?
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  3. On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is ‘extremely poor’ and 10 is ‘excellent’, how do you rate provision for cycling:
    - In your ward?
    - In East Cambridgeshire as a whole?
    Please include comments on why you have given these scores.
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  4. It has been good to see progress and funding on plans for a safe crossing of the A10 near the BP garage roundabout over the last year, following a campaign from local residents. This project is much-needed to allow pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians to safely access Lancaster Way and points west and south from Ely. What would you do as a district councillor to expedite progress on the scheme and ensure it is delivered as soon as possible?
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