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Question 2 - we asked:

Do you plan to proceed with the Combined Authority plans for a Cambridgeshire Metro? How will you ensure the metro supports and integrates with active travel networks?

We asked this question:

2 of the 3 candidates (67%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Labour Party)

I do not support the current Mayor ( Mr James Palmer) plans for a CAM Metro system .

(Liberal Democrat)

No, I do not plan to continue with the CAM in it's current form (insofar as we understand what it's current form is). CAM is conceived around two very uncertain ideas: long and complex tunnels under Cambridge and entirely autonomous vehicles. The tunnels would mean that the system delivers no benefits for well over a decade. Autonomous vehicles that can cope with narrow urban streets or country roads are many years away. In addition, one of the selling points of CAM is the absurdly ambitious plans for continuous segregated routes for very long distances through the countryside.

We do need high quality public transport, especially in the urban areas, which is reliable and attractive enough to be a viable alternative to the car for the vast majority. Some form of mass rapid transit, the largely stays on the surface, could be delivered quickly and in stages as part of a longer-term vision. It would be enabled by rethinking how space is allocated in the more congested urban areas.

All new transport investment needs to consider from the start how it can enhance active travel, something which the Combined Authority fails to do currently, just in the same way that Highways England and East West Rail fail to do. Active travel shouldn't be some nice add-on to have if it doesn't add cost or complexity.

I would quickly change transport policy and assessment approaches so that active travel benefits are given greater weight than other benefits, and then ensure that projects do actually follow policy.

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