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Question 5 - we asked:

For any of the above, how will you help to shape policies should you find that your party is not in government - what effective role can an opposition MP have here?

We asked this question in these 3 constituencies: , Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire.

5 of the 11 candidates (45%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

The consensus in favour of cycling and other sustainable and healthy forms of transport is growing rapidly. This means that governments of any complexion will have to be seen to be responsive to moves to promote cycling. The Greens have a programme of 10 private members bills ready to propose whether we are in government or not. Pressure can also be applied b means of all Party parliamentary groups.

(Labour Party)

The All Party Cycling Group in Parliament is very effective, helped by the active engagement of local groups like Camcycle. I am an active and leading member. I have also been a member of the Transport Select Committee throughout the last Parliament, and helped steer the Committee’s work more towards walking and cycling. I regularly use opportunities on the Committee to raise points suggested by cycling organisations. Ultimately, however, the best position is to be in Government. Although I resigned my shadow transport ministerial role to campaign even more strongly on securing our future in the EU, I have retained very close links with the shadow team, particularly pressing the case for e-bikes, and will continue to press the case on active travel very strongly.

(Liberal Democrat)

It's in areas like cycling that Westminster does cross-party working best. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling has done good work conducting Select Committee style inquiries into cycling: how to promote it, and how the law treats cyclists. As a cross-party group it can have real influence on Government of whatever party.

I also want to be a powerful advocate for cycling and cycling policy on the national stage. Too often cyclists aren't represented at all when Parliament and the media discuss transport. I'll be the national voice we need to keep the needs of cyclists and pedestrians in the public mind.

(Liberal Democrat)

Given the extent to which cycling issues are ignored at national level - whether the topic is transport, health or the environment - having an MP who can persistently raise cycling during policy debates and lobby ministers will be very effective, whatever the composition of the government. There needs to be a change in mindset across Westminster and Whitehall. To do anything about this will need cross-party work.

(Rebooting Democracy)

In the unlikely event that I don't get elected I will continue the work I have been doing to get sortition (random selection) and deliberation as the accepted way of making decisions about our lives, as it was in Ancient Greece (but obviously everyone taking part not just rich men!).

I've been doing talks about Citizens' Assemblies, working with the Sortition Foundation to push it's cause across the world, attempting to start deliberative events in Cambridge, working with Extinction Rebellion (climate organisation) regarding their call for a national Citizens' Assembly.

Whenever I talk to people the general response is positive about the concept and it's now happening all over the UK and the world. In Ireland they used it to break the deadlock regarding various highly political subjects. There are now thousands of instances where these processes have been used.

For those who campaign for cycling, I hope they can see that they hold the upper hand once evidence is considered (reduced NHS costs, better quality of life for all, less congestion etc) so this is the best solution to get their policies enacted.

We need real democracy where decisions are made by the people for the people.

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