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Question 2 - we asked:

Roads belonging to Highways England surround Cambridge and cut through the countryside forming barriers. What can be done to improve the attitude of the agency towards walking & cycling provision along and across their routes?

We asked this question in these 3 constituencies: , Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire.

5 of the 11 candidates (45%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

We need to completely decarbonise our transport system in the next 10 years. This will involve a stop to nearly all road building and a concentration on an expansion of the rail network as well as encouraging cycling. The effect of this will be to re-purpose Highways England to promote sustainable ways of getting around.

(Labour Party)

I have interrogated Highways England directly on these issues at the Select Committee. They talk a reasonable talk, but unfortunately they have so far failed to embed an understanding of cycling and walking within the organisation - I have described them as the Motor Vehicles agency, when they need to be a mobility organisation. They are regulated by the Office for Road and Rail who have identified this as one of the issues they need to improve on. On behalf of Camcycle I have been pursuing concerns around junction design on the A428, where Highways England are failing to follow their own guidelines, CD195. I was also struck by a visit arranged by Camcycle a few months ago where we looked at the very dangerous interchange at the end of Barton Road onto the M11. There is much to be improved.

(Liberal Democrat)

The climate crisis we face means everything we do must be sustainable. This means using the tarmac already laid in a more efficient way - prioritising sustainable and public transport and getting people out of their cars.

I believe in bringing strategic control over our road network closer to local people, so councils like Cambridge have a real say in how Highways England's work affects us. There should be a presumption in favour of keeping sustainable transport routes working during major works and providing well-signposted and advertised alternatives when this isn't possible.

(Liberal Democrat)

The new sections of the A14 are bringing significantly better provision for people on bikes. It will now be feasible to get from Bar Hill, for example, to Cambridge. But there are many weak links in the design, notably at the roundabouts on the local road. We will have the chance to fix some on the A428 upgrade plans, and there will be further opportunities on the A10 and A505. But it is vital that we get DfT and Highways England bought into decent standards. This will need a concerted effort by myself, the local councils and the other MPs in the area.

(Rebooting Democracy)

I helped initiate a Citizens' Assembly on traffic congestion in Cambridge which was run for the Greater Cambridge Partnership. The money came from central government as they were trying to get more examples of Citizens' Assemblies in place. One of the requirements for the funding was that the council supported the outcomes. In the case of the GCP Citizens' Assembly it required 3 councils to agree to the outcomes.

The outcome of the Citizens' Assembly is quite startling and is available on the GCP website. Well worth a read to see what happens when you give people agency over their own lives and environment.

This shows how the people and several councils can work together to create unified, evidence based plans. This is something that the other agencies will have to listen to. Not just a single pressure group but an entire region calling for a certain agenda.

Once Citizens' Assemblies are common place for decision making, the agencies will be presenting evidence at them for the people to make decisions on them, weighing up local and national issues.

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