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Question 3 - we asked:

Our members report problems with bike theft at the station cycle park. What can you do as a councillor to ensure that the operator and police take the concerns seriously?

We asked this question:

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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(Green Party)

Cambridge is a cycling city, so its priority throughout local government and institutions must be elevated. However, in this case security has clearly not been taken seriously. The locking points in the park should have been installed to a higher standard to ensure they could not be tampered with by thieves. Sadly, catching a bike thief is extremely difficult, so investment in prevention is the most effective course of action.

Kelley GREEN
(Labour Party)

It's a terrible shame that the design of the new bike storage facility at the station cycle park included a design fault, allowing thieves to pull up the cycle racks so easily. I wonder whether there is a role for groups such as Camcycle to be consulted on major schemes at the planning stage, to avoid this happening it the future. As a Councillor I'd take my liaison role very seriously. Thank you to the anonymous person who brought this to the attention of the press and the wider public.

(Liberal Democrat)

The police regularly attend area committees and I would make strong representations that more attention needs to be paid to cycle theft, and to enforcing the 20mph limit in our streets.

My experience is that train operators are not always keen to engage with local government, but it won’t stop me trying!

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