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Question 2 - we asked:

How would you make Mill Road a more pleasant place for people walking and cycling? Camcycle has published some ideas for significant changes here. What are your thoughts on our proposals, and do you have any other suggestions or ideas?

We asked this question:

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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(Green Party)

Camcycle's proposals for Mill Road are well thought-out. I particularly like the idea of parklets incorporating seating and cycle parking. Reclaiming the street for pedestrians (limiting through-traffic) is a visionary concept and I would like to see a trial begin as soon as possible.

Kelley GREEN
(Labour Party)

The Camcycle vision for Mill Road is an urban design proposal based mainly on the cyclists needs. It suggests closing Mill to through traffic, wider pavements, and dedicated amenity areas called 'parklets' to support local businesses. It contains some assumptions such as 'Trade will boom' and bus services will be, 'On time and expanded'. Whilst I'd support a number of the ideas contained in this vision, I'd challenge the assumption that a comprehensive redesign of the public realm is needed. I've been responsible for delivering schemes, including an award winning 'Living Streets' project and I'd encourage everyone to understand the delicate balance of a successful street. All too often a place, park or street is needlessly changed and it loses it's special appeal. My approach to Mill Road would be circumspect. I'd seek a broad evidence base before changing anything. I'd want input from residents, pedestrians including disabled people and the visually impaired and crucially, the business community. Independent, multi-cultural shops are, in my view, the lifeblood of Mill Road. These need to be nurtured. I'd look to manage parking and unloading. My way of resolving urban design conflict, including congested footpaths and pavements, accident hotspots and pavement obstructions, would be to carry out better street management in conjunction with the County Council. Incremental improvements would be beneficial and our Labour County Councillor Linda Jones has got this right, championing the cause of local residents and consulting widely on residents parking schemes. A measured approach is necessary in my view, to conserve the vibrancy of Mill Road.

(Liberal Democrat)

The proposals look very interesting and there is some evidence that Mill Road traffic levels can be reduced without adversely affecting elsewhere in the city. I am keen to see some of these ideas trialled. We already close off Mill Road for the winter fair, and I think we could do more. Local shops would likely attract more custom if the street was a more pleasant environment for people on foot and on bicycle. What we do needs to be supported by evidence.

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