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Question 1 - we asked:

What experience do you and your family have of cycling? Do you have any different concerns about younger or older family members cycling than you do yourself?

We asked this question:

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

My bike is my primary mode of transport and I don't own a car. However, while Cambridge has more cyclists than any other city, our support for cycling is by no means the best in the country. There is a huge amount of room for improvement of safety for cyclists and other road users. This is of particular importance when we consider that we want to encourage people to cycle from a young age.

Kelley GREEN
(Labour Party)

I'm an infrequent cyclist although my partner is very enthusiastic. He recently cycled from Lands End to John O Groats to raise around £5,000 for Addenbrooks Charitable Trust #LEJOG [search Cambridge Lads] I'd encourage everyone who cycles, to learn CPR as it saved a family member's life, when he was cycling with the local club.

(Liberal Democrat)

I cycle, my partner cycles, my stepchildren all cycle. It’s the preferred method of transport for moving around the city. I consider myself a competent cyclist, but I do think we need improvements to a lot of cycle infrastructure and rights of way to make cycling in Cambridge a more attractive proposition for all.

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