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Question 32 - we asked:

The eastern section of Arbury Road near Milton Road is narrow, filled with parked cars creating a cycle safety hazard, and speeding traffic far above the 20mph limit. How would you propose to create safe cycling conditions along this part of Arbury Road, for instance by extending the new cycle lanes?

We asked this question only in West Chesterton.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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(Conservative Party)

Some parking restrictions seems the best way.

(Green Party)

Arbury Road runs north-south - I guess you are thinking of the southern end?

Yes, intimidating and dangerous. Enforce speed-limit. Remove on-road parking, perhaps gradually. Remove pavement parking outside shops near junction. Extend cycle lanes.

Clare KING
(Labour Party)

It is very narrow and the state of the road doesn't help because of having to avoid very poor surfaces. I tend to get off my bike and walk it along the pavement at that point which is a good indicator of how safe I feel on that part. It's also part of the main route into Cambridge or across and down Union Lane and into the city that way. Restricting parking on parts of it would help give more space.

(Liberal Democrat)

I try not to be completely negative and I would note that the new lanes on Arbury Road do provide better access to two local schools and therefore will hopefully help encourage more pupils onto bikes as discussed earlier.

However it is disappointing that the new lanes fail to meet 2.1m width guidelines and, as other observers have noted, a cycle route is only as good as its worst section and therefore the Arbury Road scheme has been significantly undermined by the failure to address the integration with major routes along Milton Road.

I believe that these issues have been exacerbated by the City Deal’s failure to finalise plans on Milton Road due to the disastrous first proposals and the long battle for something better by local residents. Without knowing what we are plugging into, it is difficult to move forward with confidence on Arbury Road.

However, if elected, I would be keen to consult with residents and the City Deal to resolve this. I think there are two main options; we either seek to split cycle routes away from Arbury Road before the narrow sections, and join up with routes on Woodhead Drive (through grounds of North Cambridge Academy) and Leys Avenue/Road, or we do seek to extend cycle lanes whilst finding parking solutions for residents on the road. Such a strategy could trial different options prior to permanent implementation to test for unintended consequences (and potentially allow for more radical traffic controls).

We should not just 'do optimum' for Milton Road, but for the entire North Cambridge transport network.

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