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Question 30 - we asked:

Increasingly, commuter cars are being parked in Queen Edith’s on verges and pavements, including shared-use paths. In many cases, the remaining gap is too narrow, forcing some users (e.g. wheelchair users, or various kinds of child-carrying cycles such as cargo bikes, or adapted cycles such as tricycles) onto the roadway. This is dangerous, but as the behaviour goes unchallenged it becomes more widespread. What do you think of this behaviour, and, if you think it should be stopped, what practical steps would you take to do so?

We asked this question only in Queen Edith's.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Manas DEB
(Conservative Party)

Many builders and resident visitors often park their vehicles on verges and pavements and this is certainly a serious hazard for child carrying cycles, cargo cycles and wheelchair users because the gap is so narrow that they have no choice but to use the highways making their life dangerous and this needs to stop. Vehicles parked regularly on verges permanently damage green verges and remains unchallenged most of the time. If elected as a City Councillor, I will work with local residents & PCC to check the possibility of enforcing any law to stop this.

(Green Party)

This may require a change in law as pavement parking/parking on verges is not necessarily illegal. Certainly it needs to be made clear where it is not legal! Or at least where this is a regular problem, residents and citizens need to be able to report it such that signs and lines can be put in place (we all know how expensive and protracted that kind of process typically is though). Again it comes back to holding a complete vision of how to manage traffic flow into the city and where to direct students and commuters so they are not creating problems for the people that live where they happen to park.

(Labour Party)

Alleviating the parking problems in Queen Edith’s is one of my top priorities and on day one of being a councillor I would start to tackle this problem. Firstly enforcement needs to be improved and I am happy meet drivers with Police and Council officers to make clear to drivers what their responsibility is. Secondly we need a holistic plan to reduce parking congestion in our streets, including better parking provision at Addenbrookes and park and ride provision for eligible students at Hills Road College. Finally, from my experience talking to parked taxi drivers with their engines running, people can be very reasonable when spoken to in a respectful and courteous way.

(Liberal Democrat)

Lib Dem councillors in Queen Edith’s have proposed a scheme to residents of Baldock Way to provide low-level fencing around the grass verges and yellow lines on this narrow street to ensure cars are parked only in the appropriate places. At the same time, we successfully lobbied the County Council to remove the self-defeating charge at the Park & Ride, helping to deal with the problem at source.

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