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Question 29 - we asked:

Providing secure places to park bicycles is a simple and effective way to encourage cycling by making people on bikes feel welcome. In some areas of Cambridge residents have got used to all the spare street space being allocated to the storage of motor vehicles and very little for bikes. The result has been badly-parked bikes cluttering hallways, clinging to drainpipes and other street furniture. Our Street Cycle Parking project aims to tackle this. Which streets do you think would benefit from on-street cycle parking, and what would you do to implement this?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Petersfield, Romsey.

8 of the 8 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Whereas the tradeoffs between storing (as you put it) a car versus storing several cycles in the same location mean that Romsey may well benefit from trading some car parking spaces for bike parking spaces, there are many people who won't use on street parking because it's just donating a bike to the criminals.

I have written at length elsewhere what I think about cycle theft in relation to London: https://blog.ucant.org/post/538.html and it applies similarly to Cambridge.

Simon LEE
(Conservative Party)

I think we could all do with one on our street, as long as they are not abused and bikes dumped and left at them.

P.S. thanks for the opportunity to discuss, Simon

(Green Party)

I would support massive increases in cycle parking throughout the city and on all streets, similar to what has been done on Thoday Street. The streets radiating from Mill Road would all benefit from this.

(Green Party)

Many of the streets around Madras Road suffer from this problem and I would be keen to work with local residents to try and get more of these implemented. Ross Street, Thoday Street and Catharine Street would also appear to need more. But I would want to survey local people's views and hear this from them also as your councillor.

As I mentioned previously, introducing more 'car clubs' across Cambridge would also be a good way to reduce the numbers of parked cars left around and free up more room for cycle parking.

(Labour Party)

We have discussed this. I have proposed specific ideas to yourselves that should increase cycle parking at every junction off Mill Road.

(Labour Party)

Generally speaking, Romsey streets and pavements are wider than in the JA part of Petersfield (the part of the ward I believe the question-setter has in mind), so caution should be taken in conflating the two wards - some Petersfield roads are extremely narrow, coupled with extremely narrow pavements. That said, I welcome Cam Cycle’s initiative to plot where in the two wards cycle racks could safely be situated and to gauge residents’ views. It is a County matter of course and the county would itself mount a consultation, but Cam Cycle’s findings would go some way in convincing the County that there was a need.

(Liberal Democrat)

Although many areas of Romsey are residential and have private cycle parking facilities, some of the main roads, particularly around businesses, could use far more dedicated space for bike parking. I would like to see some more areas on the North side of Mill Road set aside for Sheffield Stands, for instance, as well as some pavements near the Royal Standard, Earl of Beaconsfield, and Brook pubs, which can get quite packed with bikes on busy evenings. There has been an increase in cycle parking spaces in some side-streets, which are well used, and help to prevent bike theft.

(Liberal Democrat)

We have already trialled this in a limited fashion in some of the streets off Mill-Road.

I think it's been quite successful. I'd like to see more such schemes adopted, and also dedicated areas for hire bikes, such as Ofos. I've often left my own bike at home when I could rely on an Ofo being nearby and they don't create the same pressure on cycle parking that everyone using their own bike does (although I understand flooding the market in some Chinese cities has created its own problems and we would need to avoid that).

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