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Question 24 - we asked:

The Grange Road / Barton Road junction is busy with cars and people walking and cycling during peak hours. It is also a messy design that leaves people walking and cycling with very little support to cross the mouth of the junction. How would you propose to seek changes that improve safety and priority for walking and cycling here?

We asked this question only in Newnham.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The signage in this junction is poor and there definitely needs to be signal upgrade of some kind. However, any changes, because of the importance of the artery, needs to have community input, as well as consulations with groups such as the Cambridge Cycle Campaign and the expertise of the local council.

(Green Party)

My gut feeling would be to have a fully signalised junction; rather than just a pedestrian crossing on Barton Road. However, I would not make such a proposition without first consulting the expertise of the Cambridge Cycle Campaign and without first talking to local residents.

(Labour Party)

As someone who cycles over this junction several times a week it clearly needs to be redesigned as I always feel I’m taking my life in my hand whichever way I cross. However, I’m not sure its for me to propose the specific changes, more to advocate for the change and seek expert advice as to what those changes should be. I would therefore use my role, if elected as Cllr, to seek to implement that work a priority, after due consultation with local residents and other users.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would propose moving the pedestrian crossing on Barton Road to the junction and creating a proper traffic light junction for all road users.

For cyclists i would look to introduce a priority for cross this junction on the Barton Road access. I would also propose that there is an off road cycle route at the edge of the City on Barton Road that would run along the ditch of the flood barrier behind Gough Way and connect with the Coton cycle path and the West Cambridge site. many cyclists commuting by bike in to the city want to go north and so have to use Grange Road. This proposal would provide a safe alternative.

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