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Question 23 - we asked:

Secure cycle parking has been fixed in the short term at Cambridge Railway Station but is still a major problem for people travelling to work or to shop in the city centre. Where do you think that additional cycle parking can be provided in the city centre?

We asked this question only in Market.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Additional cycle parking at Cambridge Station has been a huge help to rail commuters and I have been very impressed by that facility. In Market we are very much lacking the space for such a facility and, indeed, the destinations of cyclists in the town centre are far more disparate.

That said, we do need more racks at places such as Sainsbury’s, the bus stops and station and I am committed to ensuring that there is enough space for bicycle parking at the Grand Arcade.

(Green Party)

I think your article admirably summarises the extreme difficulty of identifying a large site! I wonder if using All Saitns’ Churchyards at those times when there is not a market might be a possibility?

(Labour Party)

We are constrained by the design of the city centre and the competing demands for what space we have. Whilst I am completely opposed to the closing of the Magistrates Court, were it to go ahead I would hope some of their parking provision could be used for cycle parking. Long-term I fully expect the variety of schemes coming forward to deal with congestion will result in less car parking in the centre which could provide extra space for cycle parking.

(Liberal Democrat)

As you know, space in the city centre is limited. I have seen your suggestion that Post Office Terrace would be suitable, but I am concerned that a lot of hope seems to be resting on this option which has been under consideration for a number of years. Subterranean options if feasible might work.

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