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Question 22 - we asked:

Cycle theft is regularly set as a police priority at the West Central Area Committee meetings. What sort of measures would you plan to put forward to tackle this?

We asked this question only in Market.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Cycle theft is unfortunately a major issue in Cambridge. I was a victim to a theft just recently losing a new road bike. There is often little we can do other than encourage the police to investigate and prosecute offenders more forcefully, a job they are tackling already, and to educate cyclists of the extremely high incidence of thefts and how to properly secure bicycles to racks and where the hotspots for opportunistic theft are.

(Green Party)

I am dismayed by police reluctance to examine CCTV footage even where this exists. This communicates a lack of care about cycle theft.

(Labour Party)

I have had three bikes stolen in my 9 years in Cambridge so really do appreciate that this is a big issue. However 8 years of austerity have put massive pressures on police resources so I have some sympathy for their argument that they have to prioritise harm to the self ahead of acquisitive crime. Even so, given the CCTV coverage in the centre it seems wrong that it cannot be checked when such a simple move could catch repeat offenders. In the absence of police support for prioritising bike theft it seems extra secure cycle parking and other infrastructure improvements would be the most effective approach.

(Liberal Democrat)

I attended the West Central Area Committee meeting in July last year where cycle theft was actually not set as a priority, despite the presented data showing the number of reported thefts in Market Ward had risen sharply from 342 to 494 to 643 over sequential six month periods. Like many residents I’ve had a bike stolen and whilst I appreciate that police have to make difficult decisions with resource allocation I wonder if more secure cycle parking for residents might help.

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