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Question 20 - we asked:

What will you do about pavement parking in King's Hedges, for example, on the roads off Northfield Avenue?

We asked this question only in King's Hedges.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Martin SMART
(Labour Party)

Pavement and verge parking is a real problem in King’s Hedges. It sometimes blocks the way for less able pedestrians and especially for wheelchair users. It looks unsightly and spoils the grass on verges and cracks and otherwise damages the pavements. We have already brought in Traffic Regulation Orders for Ramsden Square to stop this. This was done after consultation and support of local residents there. This may well be the way forward for other areas, after consulting with local residents of course.

Daniele GIBNEY
(Liberal Democrat)

There are a few options for managing something like this, such as a traffic regulation order or physical barriers on the pavement, and each comes with pros and cons. As a party, our preferred approach is to consult with residents locally to find an approach that carries support, and arrange the appropriate applications. The best option may differ from one street, or set of streets, to the next.

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