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Question 19 - we asked:

Union Lane is an important cycle route connection between East Chesterton and the rest of the city. However, it is narrowed by parked cars, and some drivers tend to speed and aggressively overtake people cycling here. Also the pavements are tiny and often obstructed by parked cars and overgrown hedges. How do you propose to calm traffic and make conditions safer for walking and cycling on this street?

We asked this question only in East Chesterton.

7 of the 8 candidates (88%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

There is a difficult balance to be struck between ease of access for all types of road users. It is worth looking into a lower speed limit, or creating further physical barriers to vehicles that are not taking due care and consideration to their immediate environment.

(Green Party)

I would consult on using a point closure with a cut through for cyclists on this road to discourage through traffic but while enabling residents to enter and exit via the nearest junction to their home. It may also be appropriate to have traffic calming measures, appropriately adapted so as not to inconvenience cyclists (for example like those on Kendal Way). It may also be worth - in some sections - restricting parking to one side of the road. Obviously consultation on these matters would be necessary.

(Labour Party)

I think that as the Arbury Road cycleway scheme comes forward that it would be appropriate for the Greater Cambridge Partnership to look at Union Road as a part of the cross city cycle schemes to see what is possible there. It is certainly the case that the current conditions for cycling on Union Lane are very unsatisfactory. Any illegal parking on the pavement can be enforced by the appropriate authorities to allow proper access to pavements by all pedestrians including people who are disabled and people pushing babies and children in buggies. Householders can be asked to cut back overgrown hedges and this can be managed and if necessary enforced by City Rangers.

(Labour Party)

I use Union Lane on regular basis. I have learned from the road users, local residents and my own experience an effective system is inevitable. In my view a separate residents parking may resolve the dangerous situation in Union Lane. If the residents are allocated to a place where they can park their car (residents only parking), securely, then Union Lane will be free from roadside parking. Once Union Lance is free from roadside parking, then segregated cycle lane the next step.

(Liberal Democrat)

A lot of the parking is from call-centre staff working at the medical centre. I would urge the local NHS Trusts to provide better parking and guidance to their staff. I'd also ban parking with double-yellow lines on one or both sides of the section of road between Pearl Close and Cambanks to provide clearer sight-lines through this section.

In Union Lane (as in the rest of Chesterton) there are proposals for a residents' parking scheme. If these are adopted by residents the width requirements for parking bays may mean parking is only permitted on one side of the street, which could improve the situation for pedestrians and cyclists.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

Residents constantly express their concerns of speeding traffic. Something does need to be done to stop this by improving the road. At the moment it is hard to see other ways to make further improvements. The main concern there was about access to the medical center; now this has unfortunately mostly moved to Addenbrooke's, it's possible things could be reconsidered here.

Alternatively, an alternative route via Pearl Close and Oak Tree Avenue could be signposted. The biggest issue here is the pinch point between Pearl Close and Oak tree - which again needs widening, requiring land acquisition.

(UK Independence Party)

As a resident of Union Lane, I both drive and walk up and down it. I have never been able to reach the illusory speed limit of 20 mph because of over-parking, so I don't know who these alleged speeders are or how they do it. The pavements are adequate, or would be if they were more level and not full of cyclists illegally riding on them. It would be an improvement if parking were banned on one side of the road and residents encouraged to convert part of their garden to parking area like several already have.

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