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Question 18 - we asked:

The new cycle lanes on Green End Road permit parking in them, completely undermining their purpose. How would you improve the safety of residents and the many other people who cycle along Green End Road?

We asked this question only in East Chesterton.

7 of the 8 candidates (88%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

This is clearly a ridiculous, self defeating state of affairs. I would lobby hard to create a separate, designated, free from obstacles cycle space.

(Green Party)

I cycle this section daily and continually see not only cars parked in the cycle lanes without double yellow lines, but also cars parked even when there are double yellow lines. To start with I would put double yellow lines along the full length of the cycle lanes, but this may not be fully effective. Better enforcement would be required, perhaps by having traffic wardens patrolling. It may also be possible to change the road layout slightly outside the mermaid takeaway as there is space to have offstreet parking bays, and also to tackle the problem by trying to encourage more people to cycle to that location instead of drive by providing good infrastructure and by parking.

(Labour Party)

It is never a good idea to allow parking in cycle lanes but it is not the only place where this happens. For example, on East Road outside the shops around KFC and others, vehicles often park in the cycle lanes. With Green End Road, it may be that this is a temporary situation from where we move to a more sustainable situation where parking in cycle lanes is phased out. We need to plan for a situation on Green End Road where this dangerous parking in cycle lanes comes to a stop and the sooner the better.

(Labour Party)

Effective enforcement of the highway code and law. An effective plan should be debated and discussed to avoid cycle lanes being used as car parks. As I live very near to Union Lane and I am someone who regularly uses cycle lanes, I can see the dangerous situation in Union Lane. A suggestion would be to find an alternative residents parking which should allow Union Lane to be free from congestion. A nearby place may inevitably resolve the problem that has been faced by the cyclists. Once that has been done, a segregated cycle lane is practical.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would prohibit parking for their entire length and encourage businesses on the route to provide off-road parking. The section next to the recreation ground is particularly narrow and I would suggest reducing conflict by putting the eastbound cycle lane on the other side of the tree line from the road.

The junction of Kendal Way / Franks Lane / Green End Road has a floating bus stop right next to it, which some cyclists are unsure how to navigate when approaching from Kendal Way, particularly when a bus is stopped there. I would at least have signs to make this clearer, and at best redesign this junction so navigation is more intuitive.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

Parking at the pinch point should be moved across, to improve sign lines.
These are infamous, and useless. the original plans, from the Green End Up Green End Road campaign were for full segregation everywhere. If Owen and I are elected, we hope to improve the Nuffield Road plans, which could lead to an argument to redo the Green End Road plans with full segregation.

(UK Independence Party)

Convert more of the green verges to parking spaces

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