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Question 17 - we asked:

Plans for a safe and protected cycleway on Nuffield Road have been prevented due to local concerns about parking and a nearby wall. During school-run time the pavement is often covered with badly-parked cars and there are lorries rolling up and down the road. Many parents are afraid to let their children cycle to school in such conditions. What specific measures would you seek to provide safe cycling conditions for the children at the Shirley Community School?

We asked this question only in East Chesterton.

7 of the 8 candidates (88%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Separate, designated cycle lanes, perhaps protected by bollard to physically prevent any encroachment from cars and lorries could provide a safe and cohesive solution.

(Green Party)

This is obviously difficult situation, without sufficient space for an excellent solution, any solution will be a compromise. I would work with local residents, street planners and the cycling campaign to work out a good compromise.

(Labour Party)

I believe in protected space for cyclists and for segregated provision. All stakeholders and the authorities need to work together in partnership in a co-ordinated way to significantly improve the current situation. The County cycling team must do the best they can to improve the scheme on the table. The police must enforce the highway code and the law. The school staff must lead on bringing an understanding to children and families that driving children to school is a damaging option for all sorts of reasons. The school PTA and the governors need to take a leadership role in changing behaviours with a plan and timescale in place. It maybe that staffing could be provided, either paid or volunteer staff, to person the traffic movements outside the school That resource will need to be sourced, but it must be a possibility if a useful specific measure, at least in the short term. This can be supported by the County education team and this approach will be fully supported by city and county councillors in the ward.

(Labour Party)

In light of the concerns of the parents and local residents, an awareness seminar can be organised about the dangers that can be caused to the children and it’s impact on the lives of the children should be explained to all parents. As a secondary measure, a warden can be appointed to enforce the law. If possible, a separate parking space can be arranged for parents.

(Liberal Democrat)

I support a cycle route protected from traffic and segregated from pedestrians on Nuffield Road. As well as serving the school and medical centre, this route is a principal access route to Cambridge North station and will be the main access route from East Chesterton to the Chisholm Trail. It needs to be safe and continuous.

Residents of the flats on Maitland Avenue and Mortlock Avenue have some concerns about losing privacy if the wall separating their estate from Nuffield Road is removed entirely. I believe removing a small stretch of wall that currently backs onto a dingy alleyway would give sufficient space for a cycleway while preserving residents' privacy.

To reduce the risk posed by pavement parking, some physical barrier is needed between the carriageway and the new cycleway. I'd also encourage initiatives to get schoolchildren cycling to school and "walking buses" to reduce the amount of traffic that uses the road at peak times.

In tandem with this I propose blocking Nuffield Road off at the corner just beyond the access road to the allotments, providing alternative access to the industrial estate via the busway spur from Milton Road and Nuffield Close. This would turn the residential end of Nuffield road into a cul-de-sac and allow the new cycleway to provide an uninterrupted route to the busway.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

It is important to make Nuffield Road safer for cyclists, pedestrians and reduce congestion at peak times. The number one reason people give for not cycling is fear of traffic. Outside schools can be a dangerous place for traffic. By providing safer segregated cycling routes would encourage more parents to allow their children to cycle to school. Cars should not be allowed to park very near the school and mounting on kerbs.

(UK Independence Party)

If children are taught to cycle sensibly, there shouldn't be a problem. Nuffield Road is too narrow to provide exclusive space for cyclists. Parling is a problem and should be better restricted.

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