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Question 16 - we asked:

Davy Road is narrowed by parked cars and is often used for rat-running by speeding drivers, despite the presence of children at the Recreation Ground and the number of people cycling to and from the Station Cycle Bridge. How would you improve cycling conditions along Davy Road by the Recreation Ground?

We asked this question only in Coleridge.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

I would extend the traffic calming features of Radegund Road to Davy Road, when resources allow.

(Green Party)

I think turning this road into a one-way street would be an effective way of dealing with the rat-running on Davey Road and a speed camera or speed bumps could be installed to deal with the speeding drivers. Considering the amount of children in this area, similar measures to traffic calming carried out on the adjoining Radegund Road could be installed on Davey Road.

(Labour Party)

Local Councillors supported earlier plans by the county council to develop a scheme for Davy road, but they then put that work on hold. Planned residents parking will help by shifting currently excess commuter parking on Davy Road, which is the main cause of the weekday canyon effect along Davy Rd, but I think at least one cycle lane is needed eg a west to east one and an end to car parking on the north side of Davy Road.

Lindsey TATE
(Liberal Democrat)

I regularly use Davy Road as both a cyclist and a car driver. In my experience, it is in fact a slow and inconvenient experience for both modes of transport; however, I have yet to witness any dangerous behaviour or near-misses. I think it’s important to consider that some ‘quick fix’ changes could easily result in the situation becoming more dangerous for cyclists – for example, the prohibition of parking on one side of the road would leave space for two cars in opposite directions but not for two cars and a cyclist, leaving the cyclist in more danger.

If the proposed residents parking scheme is implemented, this is an opportunity to make changes on Davey Road. A segregated cycle route is the best solution for cyclists but it is important that this does not restrict or make more dangerous pedestrian access to the Recreation Ground.

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